Our wish at Healdsburg Montessori School is to create harmony between freedom and structure, which will guide the child through the many academic, emotional, creative, social, and ethical transitions in their lives. We have succeeded when our students become responsible, well balanced children who are confident, community-focused, happy and creative.


A well thought out stimulating environment, with safe limits in which the child can become an active explorer and learner, provides the child with a foundation for a lifetime love of learning. Building this foundation includes experiences that:

  • Develop respect for themselves, for others, and for their environment

  • Encourage a sense of wonder and curiosity towards learning and the world

  • Engender a global perspective and sense of international understanding

  • Develop social skills, emotional growth, physical coordination, as well as cognitive preparation

  • Build self-confidence, self-esteem and self-motivation

  • Develop skills in observation, questioning and listening

  • Lengthen each child's attention span and the natural desire to learn

  • Develop social graces and courtesy

  • Encourage creativity in each child